International Orientation Tea Party

International Orientation Tea Party

The new students arrived in groups, having just finished their Selfie Treasure Hunt, a game whereby, in teams you are given a variety of different sights and landmarks in a certain area and then must find them, taking a photo in front of it for proof. As this had lasted a few hours most were relieved and thankful to be seated in the beautifully decorated venue after their expedition around Brighton. Once seated the students were able to socialise and discuss with each other and with the University staff who had been seated on tables around the room to answer any burning questions or set aside any anxieties.

Once the last few groups were seated the Student Services Manager for Brighton University; Ian Carter gave a warm and friendly greeting to Brighton and the university. Followed by a second welcoming from Gareth Topp who is the Head of Internationalisation, he promised to keep his speech short as he knew it was being followed by cake and he delivered on this.

Five minutes later, the students received an array of refreshments ranging from cakes to scones, with a variety of different local jams. Tea and coffee were also served while the International students continued getting to know each other and the staff. In the background, while the afternoon tea was being served, the photos from the day's Selfie Treasure Hunt were displayed. Later they were to be judged, but it also made for good conversation.

As the students began to finish their food, many took the opportunity to use the Instagram photo frame and props to get some fun pictures. The beach chairs were a particular hit as they have become somewhat a symbol of Brighton. The Ambassadors (in the Blue Tshirts) did an amazing job of energising and including all the International Students.

When it was clear that not one more Jam Scone could be eaten, the prize giving began. Candice Armah & Hayley Wood from the Orientation team chose the best picture and the group that had found the most places. They called out the groups that had won, which was followed by loud applaud (especially by those that had won) who then went forward to have their photos taken.

The Tea party concluded with the international students and ambassadors posing for a group photo. After, the students left, filled with scones, cakes and tea to prepare for a party being held at the YHA that evening for them.

We would like to wish them the best of luck and time, as they start the next chapter of their lives in Brighton and want to thank them for choosing to come to the University of Brighton.